Cracked Berry

You Know It Has Been A Long Day When…

You are sitting on the bus on your way home from work (reading e-mails on your BlackBerry), when you suddenly reach for your holster to discover that your BlackBerry is not there! So, what do you do? You start typing a BlackBerry Messenger note to your boss letting him know that you think you might have lost your…oh wait…how am I typing this again?

Gee, Twenty?


I find it interesting that we are hosting a bunch of countries to talk about the world economy, and are crippling the economy downtown to do it. A dramatic over-statement? Not really. Considering a truck accident on the 401 years ago cost the city a crap-ton of money in lost trade revenue, I would say that closing off a section of downtown and putting a good chunk of the rest on lock-down is probably not much better.

The billion-dollar line item on the budget (for security) is astounding. I guess it’s because of the potential danger posed to the world leaders from all of the protesters. This begs the question: would you need to have so much security if you held the summit in a more remote area? No, they would not. In my opinion, holding the summit in one of the most accessible places in Ontario by all forms of transit is just an invitation for protesters to flock to the area and do their thing.

This all smacks of childish dick-measuring.

Trying to compensate for something, Mr. Harper?