We’ll Take a Cup of Kindness, Yet

This year has been an interesting one. It has been 365 days complete with highs and lows (not a strange thing for anyone), new experiences and personal growth. So what has been learned?

Well, I have learned that so many more people post about mental health and suicide prevention, yet most actually never really bother to check on people whom they consider friends. As we spiral out of control, talking at each other instead of conversing, small details go unnoticed and we feel a surge of surprise when something goes off the rails. For such social creatures, it can sometimes be very lonely for us. So many people are hurting that could use an ear or a kind word, but they never receive those small gems – that’s all there is to it.

So what to do?

I did something this year that I have always wanted to do – I bought a canoe. What made this purchase even more special was that my daughter was with me at the time. We share a love of camping and being on the water, so having this new boat strapped to the top of my car reminded me that peace, and the freedom from many things are just a short trip away.

An important part of my personal journey began when we were driving home after picking up the canoe from Silver Creek Canoes. During our drive, the original “Bare Necessities” song (Terry Gilkyson a la Sherman brothers) started to play and we both sang along in unison. In that moment, I started to tear up. Despite life constantly being in flux, I feel an unbreakable bond with this human – something constant that never wavers – and it couldn’t have been pointed out by a better song.

And so, the seed was planted to grow my resolve to get better – to be a better person and friend. As the months passed, I had many adventures – some on my own, and many shared with kiddo and with my friends. Not every adventure was positive; but really, it has always been my choice to allow those moments to waylay me, or to learn from them. Everything culminated in a solo camping trip, a long hike full of self-reflection, and a sunset that I will never forget.

And all of it was kicked off by that single song in the car while traveling with one of the people that I love so very much. Truly, everything will be all right, as long as we remember what’s important. We will never lose our way if we keep our eyes and ears open for those around us – because together we can forge a path and find the best way forward.

May your 2019 be full of love and prosperity. And if you ever need an ear, I’m here.


(That photo above is from the morning that I headed back from my solo trip. It was a breathtaking sunrise.)

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