MM9 – 24 Hour Movie Marathon – 2014 – Bloopers


Another 24-Hour Movie Marathon has come and gone. This year was just as much fun as last. As usual, our fan films are a lot of fun to make – but they are not without some comical errors. Check out some of our tribute film bloopers!

The Goonies

Our fan film for The Goonies was supposed to play on the Rube Goldberg devices that One-Eyed Willie used to prevent people from getting to his treasure. The original idea was to actually create one, but it was too involved for the 15 minutes that we had (I really should have jumped on that the night before). In any case, this is our first failed attempt. Obviously Cathy is the one doing the first bit – but that’s what makes it funny. What made this a blooper was the fact that the pins didn’t fall.

It’s broken!

Mystery Team

So, in Mystery Team, there is a hilarious scene involving a toilet in a strip joint bathroom. We changed it up a little for our fan film. Dave and Cathy were hot on the trail of a stolen ring (which I had swallowed”), and they tracked me down to a bathroom where I was trying to get rid of the evidence. Originally, I was supposed to wait for Dave to signal me (via knocking) to get me to start, but at the last second, I figured it would be better to start making noises and just wait for the knock. I don’t think he knocked loud enough, so I just kept going…

Farting is such sweet sorrow.

Ip Man

Oh man. The idea was cool: have Dave swap plates as Chris circled behind, while Ip Man would pound flour into bread or uncut raw meat into sliced salami. This particular take did not go very well, to say the least – especially since the beginnings of Dave’s hysterical laughter were caught ringing in the background.

Now you see him…and he’s still there…

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