You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore


And I Don’t Blame You

I mean, I’m barely ever here!

So, I opened the door to the editing room of this blog and had to blow dust off of the desk before I sat down to write. Keeping Toronto Thumbs running is a bittersweet task. On one hand, I get to write about all kinds of cool stuff; but at the same time, it takes me away from writing articles here (and for other places, as well). 2013 was a fairly eventful year, full of family goodness, friends and all around good times. It was also the busiest year yet for Toronto Thumbs, which resulted in a feeling of fulfillment at the end of 2013.

So what was so good about last year? Well, we took our first real family vacation and went to the house of the Mouse in Florida, which was a magical thing. Afterwards, we took a drive to the Atlantic coast to decompress; Disneyworld is an awesome place, but it is a lot of “go go go” and can be pretty overwhelming for the sleep cycle. We also went camping and decided to change things up a little bit this year in terms of duration and timing – so we’ll see how that goes.

Of course, now that 2014 is off to a good start, one of my favourite events is around the corner: 24-Hour Movie Marathon! This year marks the 9th Movie Marathon that Dave and his lovely wife are hosting. I’m very much looking forward to it. Not only is it a fun time, but it also marks one of the only times of the year that I actually post anything on here. Hee hee!

I’m going to try to write on here a little bit more this year if I can. In the mean time, here is an interesting photo that makes you wonder what certain businesses might be thinking. Hilarious coincidence? Maybe! Maybe not!


Look carefully at the names of these businesses…

2 Responses

  1. MM9 wooooooooooooooooooo! Just so you know, I’ve spent the first eight years luring everyone into a false sense of security. This year, it’s twenty-four hours of Air Bud movies.

    Also, I re-watched The Descent last week, and that movie still scares the ever-loving shit out of me.

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