MM7 – 24 Hour Movie Marathon – 2012


A year has gone by since our last bout of madness; we still have not learned our lesson – or have we? This year the lineup looks suspiciously good, which is an exciting thing.

Of course, the weeks leading up to this awesome weekend have been packed to the gills with busy times – which makes me wonder if I will be able to last this year’s foray into the wilds of movie-land. I mean, I have seen some of the movies on this list already, which begs the question: why not nap during those movies? Well, the short answer is that those movies are not in convenient places in the weekend’s timeline; they are either at the beginning, or the end – this does not alleviate the problem of the movies I have not seen being played smack dab in the middle. Ah well.

I am a little behind on the pre-writing, which seemed to be a sound strategy in previous iterations of the MM event. I will do as much as I can ahead of time during the movies that I have seen before. Don’t be alarmed if you see place-holders for videos and photos. Additionally, due to the content of some of the movies we watch, videos and words in the following entry may not be suitable for some. So, let’s do this…

The Pile O' Movies

The “Pile O’ Movies” for this year.

10:00 – Unforgiven

I have seen this movie before, and I will tell you one of the most important things about it: it is the best Western you will ever see. The story revolves around William Munny, a reformed killer who decides to go on one last ride to aid some prostitutes in their call for justice. One of their own was cut up by a lowlife cowboy; the local sheriff is as crooked as a winding creek and chooses to do nothing. Clint Eastwood’s anti-hero blurs the line between good and evil, vengeance and justice. More realistic than any other Western that I have ever seen, Unforgiven is a fantastic experience that will leave you breathless.

The movie starts out right into the dirty: in the top floor of a saloon in the beds of the prostitutes. Things get ugly when one of the ladies giggles at a not-so-well-endowed cowpoke (or poquito – ha!) – he doesn’t take kindly to it. Fast forward a little to where we first see William Munny in his “new life” as a farmer (instead of a killer): the Scoffield Kid (who is probably not even a ten on the Scoffield Index) asks him to be his partner to avenge the cut-up lady of the night. William has to choose – and doesn’t choose.

Dave: Wouldn’t it be cool if movies were “choose your own adventure”? You’d be able to choose between watching William Munny ride off to do some killin’; or you could watch him farm pigs – and that would be the whole rest of the movie.
Chris: Like Oregon Trail.

The partner of the cowboy who did the cutting tried to make good by bringing a nice pony for the victim – he’s promptly spurned by her friends. The sad part is that the victim smiles when she sees the pony; but her smile disappears when he leaves.

Chris: But she always wanted a pony! Ever since she turned sixteen!
Dave: And then she could do those pony shows that she’s always wanted to do!

So far it’s just Dave, Chris and myself. Rebecca just arrived! One of the non-movie lines of the day has just been uttered…

Rebecca: I came bearing popcorn!
Dave: I came eating popcorn!

Chris, Dave and Rebecca came up with a good sequel name: Unforgiven 2: Still Not Forgiven – Whore’s Gold.

Unforgiven is one of those really honest movies that was made to tell it like it was. Chris said it best: “So, really the Old West was just a bunch of guys just wandering around with guns.” It’s interesting to see how William Munny considers his old life something to be ashamed of – and is insistent that he’s “not like that anymore”. Meanwhile, the villain of the movie (Gene Hackman) starts out seeming to be cool as a cucumber, but once a biographer shows up, starts to talk himself up.

There is a really touching scene in the movie where the cut-up prostitute tells William (who was laid low for a few days on account of a fever) that Ned and the Scoffield Kid have been taking advances on the bounty (in the form of “free ones” – pro-bonero, you might say); she offers Munny a free one, who turns her down (due to his faitufulness to his dead wife). She seems sad, until he tells her that if he was to ever get a free one, it would be with her. It is just a powerful scene – one of my favourites in the whole movie.

Here Lies Ned...

Here lies Ned…

William Munny practices the art of effective communication.

It was at this point that I lost internet connectivity and thus, I stopped live-blogging the event. Dave was a good sport about it, which made me feel much better about deciding never to really live-blog it again. Seriously, it’s tiring and I write enough stuff during the week. GO ME! For the record, though, I will still post: a bit about each movie; a photo still that we made; our fan film.

12:26 – RoboCop

Officer Alex Murphy is transferred to the toughest precinct in Detroit, only to meet an untimely end. However, a company that wants to create the ultimate police officer uses his body and mind in a cyborg that upholds the law. My friends and I considered this movie to be coolest movies of the time, due to the crazy premise and the amount of blood and gore.


RoboCop takes out the trash. Check out the real blood!

RoboCop reveals his future romantic plans.

14:38 – Black Dynamite

A hilarious take on some of the Blaxploitation films of the 70’s, Black Dynamite is the story of an African American hero willing to fight the good fight to avenge the death of his brother. His rampage reveals a dastardly plot to shrink the penises of all black men in America. The movie was made in 2009 and features a lot of awesome inside jokes and a kickass soundtrack.

Little Richard

Dave drank too much Anaconda Malt Liquor, and is suffering from Little Richard syndrome*.

Black Dynamite doesn’t think far enough ahead.

16:27 – When We Were Kings

This is the documentary of the “Rumble in the Jungle” from 1974, where Muhammad Ali and a much younger George Foreman tussled thanks to the orchestrations of Don King. It is a really interesting piece; and it made me realize that I really don’t care for the dialogue of Ali or Foreman. Both great men, both not quite as articulate as they are made out to be by some of the pretentious media jackasses that reported on that day.

Sting Like a Bee

Muhammad Jorgee throws seven punches at the cameraman.

George Plimpton says a but too much, earning some flak from, well, everyone.

18:11 – Wet Hot American Summer

I wonder what people were smoking when they made this movie. Seriously, it’s like we took all of our fan films and stitched them together into one large flick. The movie plot centers around a summer camp – that much I am sure of. The rest is about getting laid, throwing kids out of a moving van and being generally irresponsible. Now, on the flip side, it was pretty damned funny at times – enough that it made the movie more than watchable.

Dave Loves the Fridge

Dave really loves the refrigerator.

Dave makes a big deal out of everything.

20:18 – Hanna

I was looking forward to seeing this movie – and I was not disappointed! Hanna is about a girl living in the middle of a frozen wilderness with her father. She is essentially raised by him to be a super-soldier. The movie moves along at a good pace and has plenty of suspenseful moments (including one where a family takes Hanna in without knowing who she is or what she is capable of). The action sequences are fantastically choreographed. I highly recommend this movie.


Hanna – fresh from a kill (but not the salon).

Hanna’s father grills her to make sure she’s got it right. Unfortunately he’s a bit irrational.

20:18 – Bring It On

Yes. I can see some of you rolling your eyes. I can also hear the other ones chuckling under their breath. Of course, given how many people in the room were surprised that I had never seen this movie (and beside themselves with incredulity when they found out that my feelings toward it were lukewarm), there are probably a lot of you out there who have actually left your post at the computer and run to your television room to watch it again. The movie is about a high school cheerleading team that is competing in the national cheerleading competition under the leadership of a new captain. This movie has every stereotype you could think of – and impossibly introduces some new ones. Was it bad? No. Would I watch it again? No.

Bring It On.

Male cheerleaders are very happy people.

The folks at Rancho Carne High School hire a choreographer – and immediately regret it.

00:17 – Attack the Block

I had no idea what was in store for me when this movie came on. I think I glossed over the description when I was filling out Dave’s voting spreadsheet – so I didn’t even know what the movie was about. It’s a bit of a thriller/horror flick that is also listed as a comedy. How it’s a comedy, I have no idea – probably a bone-headed North American classification of a Brit monster film. It’s all kinds of awesome and I would recommend this one for sure. Just make sure you tune your ears to English-speak – it can be overwhelming if you’re not used to it.

Attack the Block

Dave and Rebecca prepare to defend themselves from the alien.

Our heroes decide to confront their fear and take on what’s outside the door.

02:00 – 06:00 – Sleepy Time

During this time, we played Dead Alive and Three… Extremes. I was dead tired and pretty disappointed in Dead Alive, so I figured that I would make better use of my time and take a snooze. Now, to be fair, I gave the movie a good thirty to forty-five minutes to win me over – it didn’t.

I woke up a little later during the beginning of Three… Extremes, and it wasn’t much better than Dead Alive, So I slept in earnest. Dave and Rebecca (I think) stayed up and Dave decided to video tape what was going on in the room…

Dave does an early morning status report.

06:15 – Enter the Dragon

This was one of my favourite movies to watch when I was a kid. It was pretty much a guarantee that it would play a few times a year (between City TV and Fox) – and my brother and I would watch it. Bruce Lee is so awesome to watch; and this is one of the only movies that hit North America that has him speaking with his actual voice. Of course, this movie is also full of hilarious stereotypes (this is due most likely to the period in which it was filmed). If you want to see a classic martial arts film, you should watch this one for sure.


Jorge Lee takes care of business as he puts one of the seedier-looking guards into a sleeper hold.

An ill-fated, one-sided, duel to the death.

08:07 – They Live

I remember when this movie came out – it looked fairly scary. I don’t know why I didn’t see it, especially considering that Roddy Piper played the main (mulleted) character. This movie has not weathered the storms of time very gracefully. That being said, I think the story is pretty amazing – and this movie has Keith David in it, so it has to be awesome by law! I’m pretty sure this movie was quite thought-provoking when it came out – some of the ideas within are actually pretty sound!

One of the photos and video for this need some explaining. We had no wig, nor did we have a cigar – so we made do with what we had to demonstrate Roddy Piper’s default look in the movie. The film was hilarious because Dave actually plowed me in the chest with his elbow – and then apologizes.


Nada (mullet and cigar approximated) looks on in ambivalent disbelief at practically everything.


The premise of the movie (you must click).

Jorge doesn’t like when other people ask him to accessorize.

The End

Well, we survived another one! My thanks to Dave and Sarah for hosting an awesome party and to the rest of the crew for being crazy-awesome. Looking forward to next year!


All hail the conquering heroes!

* – The best part about this video is that there was Black Dynamite app on Rebecca’s Playbook.


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