Chip Off the Ol’ Block


This is a very serious discussion that occurred while in a doctor’s waiting room recently…

Little J: [Walks up to J with a plastic Brontosaurus in her hand and speaks in a deep, gravelly voice. She speaks purposefully, in a stilted manner.] I am a dinosaur. I can do all kinds of tricks.
J: Really?
Little J: Yes.
J: What kind of tricks can you do? Can you show me?
Little J: Yes! Hup! [Stands the dinosaur on his tail.] This is trick number one.
J: Wow. That’s pretty good!
Little J: Here is another trick. Hup! [Stands dinosaur on his head.] This is the next trick!
J: Very nice. Do you have any more tricks?
Little J: Yes. This is my last trick. Hup! [Stands the dinosaur on his back.] Three. That’s three tricks. I am awesome.
J: Yes! [Claps.] Thank you for showing me those tricks!
Little J: You are welcome. Now it is time for me to go home.
J: Really?
Little J: Yes. It is dinner time. I am going home with the bees. When I get home, I will eat them because I like to eat bees.
J: Well, have a good dinner.
Little J: Yes. I will. You have a good dinner too, Daddy.

I love when she does stuff like this.