Ecomony of Scale

Moustache May Be Bigger Than Appears

Last year I participated in Movember, a fundraiser for Prostate Cancer research and awareness.

Some friends from work and I raised a bit of scratch for the cause, and our company kicked in some dollars for the charity as well. Due to a communication glitch, they kicked in the dollars into my net, thus crediting me with the extra moolah; due to this I was rocketed to platinum status on the Movember site.

While I didn’t use my own name for the certificate and credit online, I did get a prize sent to me: A tankard. Now, I don’t know about you, but due to reading a lot of sci-fi/fantasy novels, my idea of a tankard was something big….

A massive tankard?
Click to Enlarge…

Of course, to my surprise, the box was quite small, and the following is a reference photo…

No. Not really massive.
Click to Enlarge…

I’m not complaining. This thing is pretty awesome and I’m very proud to have won it. It just goes to show that sometimes the associations with certain words in your mind can lead to hilarious expectations.

We will be doing this event again this year. Hopefully y’all will sponsor us!

6 Responses

  1. YOU GOT A FREE TANKARD?!? And what do I get for sporting a beard AND moustache for the past FOURTEEN YEARS of my life, eh?

    What’s that? Oh, right — dashing good looks and the love and adoration of innumerable women! I totally forgot about that!

    Never mind then.


  2. Oh, you have a Timmy card! Luuuucky !!

  3. That’s a nice tankard.

  4. Beards and Tankards, sounds very Dwarfy to me. I think I am going to participate next year. I drink everything out of a tankard these days, makes everything taste better.

  5. A tankless job

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