It’s Never Too Early…


My daughter took Valentine’s Day cards to her daycare last week. She worked very hard on them with Mrs. Jorge, colouring with crayons, applying stickers, and using glitter glue to affix heart-shaped paper cut-outs to the cards.

I addressed each card to one of the kids in her daycare group (lots of whom were very generous with their cards) and L’il J took them to her class. When I went to pick her up at the end of the day, one of the girls there walked up to her and gave her a card that looked exactly like the ones that we had bought for the other kids. An interesting coincidence.

Or so I thought.

My daughter insisted that the card was for her friend, to which I chuckled.

Jorge: No, that’s her card to you, sweetie.
L’il J: No, Daddy. That’s for her.

She was so insistent that I opened it up and looked inside. I was surprised to see that her classmate had basically crossed out both names and wrote them back in reverse.

Jorge: Oh. It looks like I made a mistake. This one is for you.
Snob In Training: I know. But I don’t need it. I have plenty of other Valentines from all of the other kids so she can take that one back.


I guess it’s never too early to believe you are popular.

My daughter, truth be told, didn’t allow this to affect her for very long. Like most children, the event was forgotten. I just find it interesting that she will model some of her behaviours after her classmate. Luckily, she hasn’t picked up on some of the finer social traits that make some of these kids so charming.


The Force is Strong With This One


I am not sure which item I find more amusing…


Ecomony of Scale

Moustache May Be Bigger Than Appears

Last year I participated in Movember, a fundraiser for Prostate Cancer research and awareness.

Some friends from work and I raised a bit of scratch for the cause, and our company kicked in some dollars for the charity as well. Due to a communication glitch, they kicked in the dollars into my net, thus crediting me with the extra moolah; due to this I was rocketed to platinum status on the Movember site.

While I didn’t use my own name for the certificate and credit online, I did get a prize sent to me: A tankard. Now, I don’t know about you, but due to reading a lot of sci-fi/fantasy novels, my idea of a tankard was something big….

A massive tankard?
Click to Enlarge…

Of course, to my surprise, the box was quite small, and the following is a reference photo…

No. Not really massive.
Click to Enlarge…

I’m not complaining. This thing is pretty awesome and I’m very proud to have won it. It just goes to show that sometimes the associations with certain words in your mind can lead to hilarious expectations.

We will be doing this event again this year. Hopefully y’all will sponsor us!