Looking Back

Fallen Off the Wagon

Talk about sparse. My Blog in 2009 has tumbleweeds rolling across it and wolves howling in the background. There is something to be said about procrastination, but then there is also something to be said about being busier than a nickel whorehouse on silver dollar payday.

2009 was a busy year.

In May, I was tapped on the shoulder to be laid off in July unless I could find something within the company (nothing like more people looking for jobs internally than there are jobs to be had). Luckily for me, a most excellent associate managed to get me into her organization. It was conditional, based on whether or not I was a good fit, of course. However, I really enjoy what I am doing now, and the team I am a part of is awesome.

On top of that, I was asked by my Sensei to grade for Nidan, which was an honour. Certainly a different vibe than Shodan, but I really enjoyed the grading and the two guys that I graded with for Nidan were great.

My daughter is growing so fast it’s unbelievable.

Lots of relationships lost last year, as well as a few being strengthened. Then, of course, there are those stalwart folks who have been with me for what feels like a lifetime. I love all of these people.

I also write a bit for this site, which means that I play a lot of games when I can. A pleasant kind of busy, that one.

And there is still so much to do.

I don’t know what I am trying to say here, really. I think I just really needed to get the ball rolling by typing something. Momentum, right?