Scrabulous Tips


I’m competitive in a weird way.

I’m not really afraid to lose, but at the same time, I don’t really like it. Who does?

When I lose at something, it’s more about improving my general skills than beating a specific person (except when it comes to the Spiderman: City Raid game that Dave, Beth and I are addicted to).

One of my favourite games is Scrabble. I wrote an article recently about how much I love playing Scrabble on Facebook. I’ve completed about 87 games and won 67 of them.

I suspect that a lot of my opponents think I am some kind of Scrabble Wizard, which is really not the case.

Considering that most of these people are my friends, I would like to offer up some of the cheap tricks that I use to usually score big points.

To Be or Not to Be

I have made a lot of Bingos. A Bingo (in Scrabble) occurs when you use all seven of your tiles at once, as a new word, or part of an existing word. On top of the normal score for the word, one gets a 50 point bonus for using all of their tiles.

A really good trick to spelling large words is to use an underrated prefix. The BE combo, as I like to call it. Here are some examples of random tile draws and what you can make out of them using this strategy…

  • LDEOCUB – You could spell the word CLOUD, but it would be better to spell the word BECLOUD
  • MEBASCL – You could spell the word CALMS, but it would be better to spell the word BECALMS
  • CEKSBED – You could spell the word DECKS, but it would be better to spell the word BEDECKS
  • GMOOLBE – You could spell the word GLOOM, but it would be better to spell the word BEGLOOM

See? A great cheap trick that nets you an extra 50. That could mean the difference between losing and winning. Or the difference between winning and kicking major ass.


8 Responses

  1. Well, I’ll bedarned! I’ll totally beusing that the next time I play.

    I’ve got the hang of it already!

  2. Oh wild Scrabulous Wizard. We are not worthy of your secrets.
    Now I’m going to try your mojo on another unsuspecting scrabulous player….


  3. We are bemused and beguiled as we muse over your guile.

  4. Alas, J-man, I am not addicted to Spiderman: City Raid. In fact, I stand by the comment I left on Dave’s blog: “That game is hard”

    Also, your link to my blog in this posting doesn’t work.

    Thanks for nothing.

    Oh wait, you gave that Scrabble tip…. thanks for something =)

  5. Weird.

    It should work now, Beth!

  6. Hooray! It works now! Bethy thanks you for the link love!

  7. The thing I found most useful was just knowing when to look for the seven letter word – if you have 3 vowels in your rack there’s a reasonable chance you have one, 2 or 4 still worth looking. Otherwise, much less so! (The exception in your post doesn’t seem to me to spell the word you claim 😉

  8. Oops!
    Thanks for the save, Sarah.

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