Energy Stamp

All the Energy You Want, Now With Less Feline Retinal Degredation!

The other day I was standing in one of our Subway stations, looking at some of the new posters on the wall across the tracks touting a new energy drink.

Energy drinks always make me laugh because they don’t really work for me. Certainly things like Gatorade and Powerade help restore electrolyte balance, which is great after a strenuous, sweaty workout.

But for the most part, energy drinks just make me want to pee a lot.

I haven’t actually tried the product in these recent ads. I doubt I will, as I have better things to drink (like beer).

If I really want to know how good it is, though, I’ll just ask my cats.

I have a feeling that there are eyebrows being raised at the previous line.

One of the ingredients displayed across the top of the can (proudly, I would assume) is Taurine.

The discovery and isolation of this “amino acid” is documented here, and although the source for energy drinks is not the typical one, it may still make you think about what you’re drinking.

Taurine is an important ingredient in cat food, as it prevents central retinal degredation.

The value of Taurine in energy drinks as an “energy giver” is in question. Studies have shown, though, that it may have a hand in reducing muscle fatigue.

Either way, though, I will probably not bother with it, as my eyes are decidedly not feline.

This Article Has Been Deemed 100% Awesome by Me

Another advertisement-related blurb.

Are people really so gullible as to believe that a product endorsed by it’s own manufacturer is actually better than one that is not?

Certainly all maunfacturers endorse their products. Why wouldn’t they?

But you have to laugh when you see things like Product X proudly bears the Product X seal of approval, or Product Y has been proclaimed excellent by the makers of Product Y.

We should all walk around talking about how awesome we are and see how long it takes for someone to smack us in the mouth for being idiots.