A Lurve Story

Yes, You Heard Right!

Welcome to the fourth wedding of the summer. This was our last wedding of the year, and it was a great do.

My fishing buddy/wilderness mentor/practical joke nemesis got hitched to his gorgeous bride at the end of August in a beautiful ceremony in the mysterious place known as Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Phung and the ladies getting ready to make a grand entrance.
Photo by David Lucas.
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And the Band Plays On…

The ambiance inside the church was warm on account of it being an old structure, full of wood and memory. Also it was a pleasant contrast to the weather, which was beginning to turn towards a wetter disposition.

Brad’s Great Uncle was the Officiant, due to the inconvenience of their original choice becoming suddenly unavailable. The priest had a great sense of humour, and after they had quieted down the string instruments, they proceeded to become an official couple.

The magical moment where two became one…
Photo by David Lucas.
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Rainy Day Sunshine

After the wedding was done, the couple signed the registry and went off for pictures. Unfortunately, the sky was crying for joy at this point, and the wedding party had to make their way out into the wet fray.

Someone had the foresight to bring a plethora of umbrellas, so they were relatively dry during their brief journey to to the photo destination.

Good thing they had Spartan Phalanx Training™…
Photo by David Lucas.
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A Warm Reception

The reception was great, with a delicious buffet spread and great company. There was a lot of family there, leaving us friends on the outlying tables. It was actually a great way to see the whole thing.

The tables were also covered with all kinds of origami stylez. Stars, frogs, canoes and other objects were scattered about. These different objects represented aspects of the bride and groom.

Our table had a little fun with the centrepiece…
Click to enlarge…

I went up to do a quick word for Brad and Phung that ended up turning into something a little bit longer than I would have liked. In any case, I meant every word, and am glad that they understand how I feel about them.

How lucky am I? I snagged the bride for some fancy footwork as the aunties look upon our moves with approval…
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Rockin’ Out

A live band played a few sets in between the play list chosen by the happy couple. Lots of people were slow to start, but once they got going, it was a lot of fun.

This made it hard to leave. Even though we had left Little J with Mrs. J’s mom for the night, we were pretty tuckered out. A full night’s sleep is hard to come by at the best of times, so we ducked out at around midnight or so, taking the opportunity to get some pics with the stars of the show.

We did thirty seven takes. These were the best ones…
Click to enlarge…

It was a great day, and I’m very happy for the two of them. Congrats, guys!


Several weeks later, they held a friends-only party up North. Unfortunately, due to Karate-related commitments, we couldn’t go, but I hear it was a blast. How many people can claim two receptions?



This time Brad was more than ready for the rain…
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2 Responses

  1. I went up to do a quick word for Brad and Phung that ended up turning into something a little bit longer than I would have liked.

    “And another thing about Brad… let me tell you, that boy’s got an ass that won’t quit. It’s an ass you could set your drink on, too. Literally. I’ve done it a dozen times. And if I had a quarter for every time I knocked that drink off. That reminds me of a funny story, actually. One time, I had a hold… hey, let go! Let go of this mic! I’M TELLING MY FRIENDS THAT I LOVE THEM SO GET YER HANDS OFF ME YOU SONS OF BITCHES! I will fuck you sideways, pal! I am this close to a black belt and I WILL KICK YOU SO HARD THAT YOU AND EVERYONE WHO EVEN SEES ME KICK YOU WILL DIE! Who else wants some? You? How about you, grandma? Yeah. That’s what I thought… So, anyways. What was I talking about? Brad’s ass. Right! So this one time…”

  2. We just had a wedding this weekkend, and I haven’t got hld of a single picture yet! Luckily, it’s still this week, so I pretty much remember most of it.

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