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  1. Jorge, have you been smoking crack again? This chick looks so not like me that it’s not even funny. Definitely. On. Crack.

  2. I’ll totally disagree. You could play sisters with that chick.

    Jorge, where the hell did you come across that? That’s crazy!

  3. I was watching numbers and this gal was on the screen.

    “Wow, that girl looks like Beth, ” I said to Mrs. Jorge.

    She agreed, as she thought the actress looked familiar, and in a way that inferred the familiar was someone she knew.

  4. Jorge, I just spent hours reading Beth’s 400 things and trying to find a picture that looked like the one you arbitrarily chose to drive your readers mad. I didn’t intend to do anything out of the house this morning anyway

  5. That is craziness! I agree with Jorge and Daav, and totally disagree with Ms Beth.


    You could totally make that your Facebook profile pic and no one would know the difference.

    A CHALLENGE: Bethy, take that photo into a salon/spa and say “Make me look like this exactly.” It would only take them a moment or two… HOTTIE!

  6. I think you are all taking crazy pills! That chick has a HUGE mouth! I have a teeny tiny, pale little mouth that you can barely even tell is there! We have a similar jaw line, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go.

  7. Huge Mouth = Verbose = Beth

    You can’t argue the transitive property.


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