They Say It Changes You. They’re Right.

Exceeding Expectations

What a rollercoaster week it has been.

It started off as a fast (yet controlled) car trip to a hospital, and is now an ongoing adventure.

A good portion of my life before this point has been spent thinking about this very thing.

But no matter how much you read about it, or mentally prepare for it, I belive there is a part of it that you will never, ever be able to understand until long after it has happened.

That path to that understanding is an adventure.

You Think You Know Someone…

I am immensely proud of Mrs. J.

I am in awe of what she did and consequently, have even more respect for all of my female friends who have kids.

I could take all of the pain I’ve ever had in my life, and wrap it all into one moment, and I doubt that it is interest on the tax of the pain that my wife went through.

But if you ask her for her opinion, she would tell you that it was all worth it.