The Phungtastic Adventures of the Algonquin Trippers – Tea Lake

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So much stuff happens during these camping weekends that it’s hard to keep track. It’s also silly to try and recap the whole thing, so what I intend to do is just type out what I remember in order and see what happens (I will most likley add things as the days go on. I’ve also decided to type this up in segments)…

Tea Lake

Thursday held sunny skies and very slight winds, aiding our drive up to Algonquin Park. Be that as it may, it was a little unnerving to see sections of the landscape adjacent to the highway torn to shreds by what must have been the touch-down points of tornadoes.

Mrs. J and I arrived at Tea lake in the late afternoon, giving us plenty of time to set up our brand new tent* before Dave and Isha arrived. Obviously this was done to allow uninterrupted drinking time later on. Brad made a brief stop at our site to pick up some Tea we got for him, and promised to visit in the morning.

Mrs. J took a stroll as I took a nap in the tent under a now overcast sky. Well, I tried to nap, but apparently the family camped on the adjacent site didn’t seem to care about how much noise they made. The best thing about this family was the fact that when the dad was sleeping, the mom would yell for the kids to be quiet. Ironic**.

Some of what we enjoyed. Click to enlarge…

Dave and Isha showed up at the campsite in the early evening. It was then that the alcohol began to flow. Nothing insane, mind you. Just some beer and wine. And…well…more wine. Horribly, I had forgotten a corkscrew, and had to actually use one that belonged to the loudies next door, as they had a really good handle on their Alky.

Dennis, Lorraine and Farley showed up later on in the night, and we were all one cozy family.

It was a fine evening, filled with friends, alcohol, and more alcohol***. Best of all, I got to unload six pounds of beef jerky, as I have an undisclosed source who makes some fine product****.

What happened after we drank what
we enjoyed*****. Click to enlarge…

For more camping goodness, you can check out Dave’s Version.

* – Our tent is large enough to comfortably sleep four people or contain a small rave party.
** – This irony has been approved by Dave.
*** – We enjoyed some Alizé and Jägermeister before bed.
**** – I had ordered this stuff a while back, and it had been sitting in my fridge for a week. I wanted to eat some so badly, but I held back so that we could all eat together.
***** – Photo courtesy of Isha.

16 Responses

  1. Sharing your fine beef products is might kinda of you, Jorge. Mighty, mighty kind of you.

  2. Well, they paid for them, so…
    Not so much.

  3. Are loudies those mounted policemen?

    Glad it was fun. Hopefully you and I will catch up this weekend. 😉

  4. That Alize stuff is yum.

  5. The yelling at the kids telling them to be quiet thing sounds utterly like my house…

  6. oh, oh… was any of that Jag consumed in Jager Bomb form?

  7. sounds like a blast… with adventures in the night LOL Like the blue:)
    I hope my 2 weeks away will be all that and more . with lots of tea ….and whatever is around ….


  8. hey I need my picture up on the slurring board or on my ass . Now jorge you can add me , I know you can …sounds like a good time held by all … I’m getting boring staying in too much weekends should be for parting with friends not just the old man. LOL I need a new one ( man that is )…lol


  9. So . . . did you keep the loud neighbors awake?

  10. the above is a very good question …. Did you ??? Tickets arrived today for alice cooper/ rolling stones . I’ve seen them both. now that my friend will be a party 🙂 I’ll be checking into “slurring” next weekend as I have it to myself … oh dear am I repeating myself … better go lie down finding it hard to sit upright right now 😉 …

  11. I’m scared….I’m very scared. That picture will haunt my dreams, if I can ever get to sleep

  12. Alize!!!!!

    Glad you had a good time.

  13. Jorge, you’ve got to hurry up and write more. I’ve got to start my post soon and I can’t remember fuck all.

    You also missed the end of the night, where we were both decently (but not horribly) liquored, and I kept whispering “Jag. Jag. Jag.” just wanted a small shot, until you were like, “Fine! You want to drink?” and you made us finish the rest of your Alize.

    And then we had the Jag.

  14. Dude…Alize?!? Really?

    As Beth will attest, this is what were served at the home of one of Vancouver’s most eligible (and cutest) gay lawyers during his brunch prior to the pride parade. Apparently — it’s the liquor of choice for gay boys’ brunches.

    And…you know…your camping trip?!?

  15. Hey.
    He’s your husband. 🙂
    He drank it too.

    That’s just as bad as bringing it.

  16. […] The Phungtastic Adventures of the Algonquin Trippers – Tea Lake […]

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