Storm New Pluggy

The Storm Has Come and Gone

The tornado that was World Cup 2006 has been and gone, leaving in its wake the crushed hopes of many, along with their flags in the gutter*.

The subway is a lot quieter now, as are the streets at night. Far less honking can be heard.

In this post, I stated my disappointment in hooliganism and bandwagon-jumping.

While I still maintain my belief that these types of events can bring out the worst in some, it undeniably has the effect of bringing people together for good times.

My wish would be for those good times to last longer than a week or two…

A New Me

Well, a new look for the blog, anyway.

Actually, it’s an old look for my other blog which seems to work for this one.

I was getting tired of the RSS feeds not displaying properly, and the crazy font shifts. So this new one is here to stay. You like?

Pluggy Pluggy

I would like to direct your attention to the right sidebar. Take a look. I’ll wait.

You done?

Took you long enough.

There you will see a button for Armada Quarterly. It’s an online literary magazine.

It’s a great publication and a lot of work went into it.

Go check it out. You might recognize one of the editors.

They are always looking for submissions…

* – They really have to make those car window flags far more durable. I’ve seen so many of those things fly off and land in the street.

Algonquin Trippers


As you may or may not know, a group of us go on a camping trip every year. In fact, at this moment, both entries about the 2005 camping trip are in the Top Ten post. You can read Part I and Part II to familiarize yourself with this annual ritual.

For the last few years, I have created a DVD of the camping trip, complete with photo slideshows, background material and small videos.

This year, I have prepared a trailer for this year’s trip with the help of a very cool guy. Take a look…

Click to see the trailer
for this year’s camping trip…

How cool is that?

Tribute to Mrs. J On a Very Special Day

Do You Know What Today is?

An unrevealed number of years ago, in the wonderful country of Canada, a little blue-eyed angel was born.

As she grew, she travelled about, visiting various countries with her mom.

She went to Queens to become a rock identifier and decided to travel the world shortly after that.

She worked in telecom for a while, which is where I met her.

What makes this lovely lady so special?

Stay tuned…

That’s What I Like About You

Mrs. J is an amazing person. If you have ever met her, you’d be hard pressed not to be taken in by her good-looking-ness*. She has a very infectious smile and big, beautiful eyes.

She’s also very warm and friendly. She cares a lot about many people and things, and fights for what she believes in.

She has a lot of patience**, and is very kind.

The happiest day of my life was the day I got to walk down the aisle and become your husband, Mrs. J!

The Long and Winding Road

As in any relationship, the world has tossed good times and bad times our way. Of course, we weather the storms like an experienced pirate crew.

Of course, I have dished out more than my fair share of nonsense to the lovely Mrs. J. Observe some of the things she puts up with, and what she does to keep the peace…

  • I practically bugged Mrs. J to see Superman Returns with me. She went, even though she knew she was going to hate it, just to make me happy.
  • She continues to go camping with me, even though I snore like a chainsaw.
  • She always takes the time to listen to my Karate stories. They are tedious and boring. Seriously. Made moreso by my tendency to repeat myself.
  • I have an annoying tendency of repeating myself.
  • I say many, many dumb things. Mrs. J has rolled her eyes so many times she can lift a ton with her eye muscles.
  • I have an annoying tendency of repeating myself.

Guest Poet!

Tug has offered up a poem to celebrate the day for Mrs. J.

Who is Tug, you may ask? Well, he’s an uncle who’s like a friend and brutha. A camping master like no otha, whom I will profile in good time.

Read and enjoy…

Ode to a Dutch Girl (A Poem by Tug)

There is a little Dutch girl
That got married to a geek
She puts up with his antics
And is very far from weak

There is a little Dutch girl
That stepped into our lives
Things seem so much brighter
With Dutch girls as our wives

There is a little Dutch girl
A niece that joins me in a pub
A good friend’s wife and wife’s good friend
Confused? Well join the club

There is a little Dutch girl
A beacon in the smog
A gentle soul, a loving heart
Godmother of our dog

Want To Leave a Message?

If you feel like leaving a message for Mrs. J, feel free! This day is her day, so comment away!

* – Yes. You heard me. I am allowed to make up words here.
** – Seriously. She does. She’s married to me, isn’t she?

I Am Lao Flicks Superman

I Am…

On Saturday, I dutifully wore a red t-shirt and white shorts* to celebrate our country’s one hundred and thirty-ninth birthday.

Ironically, I spent most of the day in the car with Mrs. J and Tug on our way to Rochester, New York for a party, so no one other than my passengers saw what I was wearing in honour of my country**.

Of course, after a few hours in line at the border, I wondered why I was so proud of being Canadian. I can just picture your intake of breath. Your indignation. Allow me to elaborate.

So many people were breaking the rules. Driving on the shoulders, cutting people off, even utilizing the commercial trucks only lane. it was sickening.

I don’t like it when people break the rules like that. It’s not fair to those who have been waiting patiently in the line. In fact, a lot of the time these line-jumpers end up causing an even bigger delay.

What made it even worst was the fact that every single one of these inconsiderate people had an Ontario licence plate.

Not a great way to set an example, especially considering that a good chunk of the traffic in line with us were US Citizens returning home.

So, while I am proud of my country, I don’t know if I am always proud of the people that live in it.

Certainly you will point out that this happens everywhere, not just in Canada, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Wrong is wrong, no matter where you live.

Lao is the Time

After the eight hour car trip*** we arrived at the party to scattered applause and a plethora of questions regarding our tardiness.

I made my way to the keg and ran into one of my cousins, who poured me a refreshing beer and clapped me heartily on the shoulder in welcome.

After some mingling and drinking, word spread around the party of the formation of a friendly game of Lao Ball.

I’m not sure what the real name of this game is, but essentially it involves kicking a wicker ball over a volleyball net. In fact, the rules are very similar to volleyball, with the exception of which parts of the body you are allowed to hit with – that is, anything but your hands.

We played until it became impossible to see the little wicker bugger. It was great fun, and in hindsight I learned that the first rule of Lao Ball is to trash talk as much as possible.

If anyone knows what the real name of this game is, or where I can find info, please let me know in the comments.


One of my cousins is a great film maker. You won’t see anything of his at Cannes or the Toronto Film Festival****, but they are masterpieces just the same.

I am not sure if I am allowed to elaborate on them, as they are in pre-production. However, I am going to see if I can convince him to put clips on You Tube when they are released in August.

This is really just serving as a place holder*****.

Superman Returns

I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing about this movie. It was a wonderful homage to my favourite superhero. Not to mention a tribute to the old movies.

Superman Returns picks up where Superman II left off******, thus eliminating all of the crappy sequels.

It is an epic film, and will leave you believing that a man can fly.

* – Well, they were off-white. Cream, perhaps. Either way, it was close enough to white to play off the red shirt that I was wearing in honour of our flag.
** – We actually had a large Canadian flag bandana in the back area behind the rear seat head rests.
*** – Normally the trip is about 3-3.5 hours.
**** – Yet.
***** – See what I did there, Steve? Yeah. I went there. Now you’re going to be famous.
****** – So I’ve been told.