Tribute to Mrs. J On a Very Special Day

Do You Know What Today is?

An unrevealed number of years ago, in the wonderful country of Canada, a little blue-eyed angel was born.

As she grew, she travelled about, visiting various countries with her mom.

She went to Queens to become a rock identifier and decided to travel the world shortly after that.

She worked in telecom for a while, which is where I met her.

What makes this lovely lady so special?

Stay tuned…

That’s What I Like About You

Mrs. J is an amazing person. If you have ever met her, you’d be hard pressed not to be taken in by her good-looking-ness*. She has a very infectious smile and big, beautiful eyes.

She’s also very warm and friendly. She cares a lot about many people and things, and fights for what she believes in.

She has a lot of patience**, and is very kind.

The happiest day of my life was the day I got to walk down the aisle and become your husband, Mrs. J!

The Long and Winding Road

As in any relationship, the world has tossed good times and bad times our way. Of course, we weather the storms like an experienced pirate crew.

Of course, I have dished out more than my fair share of nonsense to the lovely Mrs. J. Observe some of the things she puts up with, and what she does to keep the peace…

  • I practically bugged Mrs. J to see Superman Returns with me. She went, even though she knew she was going to hate it, just to make me happy.
  • She continues to go camping with me, even though I snore like a chainsaw.
  • She always takes the time to listen to my Karate stories. They are tedious and boring. Seriously. Made moreso by my tendency to repeat myself.
  • I have an annoying tendency of repeating myself.
  • I say many, many dumb things. Mrs. J has rolled her eyes so many times she can lift a ton with her eye muscles.
  • I have an annoying tendency of repeating myself.

Guest Poet!

Tug has offered up a poem to celebrate the day for Mrs. J.

Who is Tug, you may ask? Well, he’s an uncle who’s like a friend and brutha. A camping master like no otha, whom I will profile in good time.

Read and enjoy…

Ode to a Dutch Girl (A Poem by Tug)

There is a little Dutch girl
That got married to a geek
She puts up with his antics
And is very far from weak

There is a little Dutch girl
That stepped into our lives
Things seem so much brighter
With Dutch girls as our wives

There is a little Dutch girl
A niece that joins me in a pub
A good friend’s wife and wife’s good friend
Confused? Well join the club

There is a little Dutch girl
A beacon in the smog
A gentle soul, a loving heart
Godmother of our dog

Want To Leave a Message?

If you feel like leaving a message for Mrs. J, feel free! This day is her day, so comment away!

* – Yes. You heard me. I am allowed to make up words here.
** – Seriously. She does. She’s married to me, isn’t she?

23 Responses

  1. Mrs.J! How loved you are…thanks for making wifehood look good!;)

  2. Happy b-day! I had the good fortune of getting to have dinner with Jorge and the missus recently, and can attest to the fact that Jorge is totally right when he says that she rocks!!

  3. dear Mrs. J!!!
    Happy B-day and may all your dreams come true!!!


  4. Happy Birthday! Seeing as you’ve got two months on me, I’m looking forward to all the wisdom you can pass down to me the next time we meet. Have a great time this weekend!

    It’s a shame that the camping numbers even out this year; we won’t get a chance to parade you around in the middle of the canoe like Cleopatra this time.

    Glass of wine (or three) on me next time we get together.

  5. Many happy happy birthday wishes to you, T-bird, from Singapore! I hope you have a great day (or maybe week(s)) of celebration. Looking forward to seeing you again when we hit the almighty Gonk in August. Maybe we can come up with a good remedy for the snorers? (I’m thinking suffocation with a dirty sock for the offenders. Or maybe a boulder to the head.)

  6. Happy Birthday Mrs. J. As a present you have my permission to record more things on ‘that tape’ of Jorge’s (or destroy it all together). He is going to get it up on YouTube soon and I am going to be the next ‘Star Wars Kid’.

  7. Happy B-day Mrs J. You’re looking lovier and yonger every day. Jorge count your lucky stars!

  8. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. Special props to Tug for the fancy poem and to the boy for the wonderful blog.

    Today I find myself enjoying a lovely Cabernet Franc on a patio during “happy hour” in Heaven (the Habour House in Niagara-on-the-Lake). Life doesn’t get much better than that!

    Isha – I’ll be sure to try the stinky socks trick….I’ll let you know how it goes!

  9. Thanks a lot Isha. Now I’ll have to wear a mouth guard when we go camping.


  10. Happy Birthday, Mrs. J!

  11. Happy one!

    I know how hard it can be to be married to a dutch girl. I also know the rewards outweigh the tribulations.

  12. Have a great birthday!

  13. Yay for Birthdays! Woooo!

  14. Happy Birthday Mrs. J!! I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and chat with you, but I’m sure the opporunity will arise. I hope you had a wonderful day, and many, many more to follow! 🙂


  15. What, watching her kick my ass at Soul Calibur 2 was not enough?

  16. Hey T! Happy BD! (an unrevealed number of) years young and still going strong!

  17. Birthday Greetings Mrs. J.
    You don’t know me now, but perhaps someday you will.
    I have but one question:
    Is the term “rock identifier” meant to imply that you are one who identifies rocks?
    Or that you identify with rocks?
    Or perhaps that you identify with the modern 20th century form of music that is called “rock”, short for “rock and roll.”
    I would be much obliged if either you or your husband could clear this up for me, as it has been troubling me since I first read it.
    I hope your day was thoroughly enjoyed.

  18. Happy be-lated birthday! Hope you had a good one! 🙂

  19. Happy belated bday Mrs. J! Hope you had a good one.

  20. Man, I suck.
    Mrs. J is HOT and I do sincerely hope that she had a very happy birthday. An awesome gift would have been a trip to DC…I’m just sayin’

  21. Hhow did I miss Mrs J’s birthday? I think I must have been playing with the kids or looking for my cat who has found a new and impenetrable hiding place. Anyway, I’m sending a box of virtual chocolates. watch for them at your virtual door.
    Phung Wannabe

  22. this was the loveliest thing i’ve read in a long time… and completely deserved… i hope you had a wonderful b-day, mrs. j!!!!!!! sorry so belated 🙂

    we’ll have to do something soon!

  23. Crap Jorge…you have me cryin’ at work!! Oh to be soo loved…she’s a lucky girl. Tisha

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