I Am Cast Iron Man

Heavy Metal

I spent my lunch pulling these out of the wall of my basement. The previous owners installed a fireplace and built a nice wall to enclose the fireplace.

They cut off these Rads from the water supply because they were leaking and somewhat redundant after the fireplace was installed. However, their contractors simply left these in place, giving access via a particleboard sheet screwed into the wall and painted to match the rest of the room.

I want to use these areas as storage space, so I decided to pull them out…

They were heavy. Check out the pipe I had to cut. I’m all ready for prison breaks now.
Click to enlarge…

It was tricky because when the contractors had cut off the water supply, they didn’t think about removing them. The pipes were sticking out on each side wider than the opening would allow, so straight extraction wasn’t an option.

It was not bad for the first, but the second one required a hacksaw to “help out” the situation.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is my workout for the day.