Movember 2022 – Tale of the Tape

Before and after.

Movember 2022 has come to an end – and it has been one for the record books! Thanks to the generosity of so many people (203 to be exact), we have raised $10,000 – this is fantastic (and that’s just at the time of publishing this post)! In addition, I have officially moved over 100 km – which makes me regret not recording all of my walks and runs.

If you are a new donor to my Movember initiative – welcome! Those who have been here for a while know that I participate in Movember because of all the great initiatives that they fund and support. I also have a lot of personal ties to the foundation. I know many people (personally and through others) who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer (or testicular cancer) – and I also know folks struggling when it comes to mental health.

In 2021, Movember (the Canadian chapter) raised $24.6 Million – with 80.5% of those funds being directed to men’s health programs and projects. You can see the cost breakdown here.

Certainly, there are many worthy causes to put your dollar(s) behind – but I believe in the work that Movember is doing for physical and mental health – which can lead to social change. Currently there are an excess of 1,250 projects funded, working with 20 men’s health partners in 20 countries. You can see more about that here.

We had a bit of fun with our photos this year. Thomas the cat made another appearance (this may become an annual tradition). In lieu of our “serious” family photo, we made an Iron Mo poster (and thanks to Tony Stark for his generous donation to bring us up to our $10K number!) – definitely a highlight. My final photo for this year’s campaign is a “before and after” photo – but also shows the duality of a human. There is always the seen and the unseen – and some diseases are impossible to see from the surface.

This year, due to being let go from work, I struck out on my own – and I’m glad that I could help make a difference even as a lone wolf.

Thanks go out to each and every one of you for always being so supportive and donating. Even though I really don’t like growing a moustache, it makes it a lot more bearable to knows that I’m making a difference thanks to so many wonderful people.

Big shout-out to Matt Forrest from Movember Canada for helping me straighten out a few things with my Movember profile (apparently some people were donating to the team page instead of me – which was weird).

And, as always, thanks so much to my amazing family for supporting me in more ways that just this annual campaign. I love you all!

So that’s a wrap! Looking forward to next year!

PS: Even though Movember is over, for the next few days the link should still work for donations:


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