Generation WTF


Wow. I guess that header might be a tad strong; though, on pondering further, perhaps it is just right.

This year’s Halloween was interesting. As usual, I completely misjudged how much candy we were going to need, making my mad scramble to the local retailer somewhat unnecessary (if you’re in the vicinity, drop by my desk and you can have a bucketful of candy).

I have no idea what the deal is, given how many kids are at the local school, but the numbers were just not there this year. Small groups of kids would come and go, but nowhere near the same amount as years previous. There was also a conspicuous lack of teenagers with crappy costumes this year. I guess that’s sort of a blessing; but to be honest, I could have used their pillowcases as a way to get rid of the metric ton of sugar that remains (that will eventually find its way onto my frame as gobs of fat).

The kids at the beginning of the night were the unlucky ones; they would get two packets of candy on the average – it was the kids at the end that were wondering why this chubby Indiana Jones was using a backhoe to empty candy into their plastic grocery bags.

So yes, not enough children this year, really (and an uncanny number of Rapunzel costumes).

I suppose that made it all the more apparent that a lot of kids these days are something else. I understand that two year olds are kind of shy; really, if a two or three year old doesn’t say “trick or treat” no law is broken. If a three year old doesn’t say “think you”, I might twitch a little – courtesy is an important thing. But I have to say that I was overwhelmed with the sheer rudeness of most of the kids.

I would say that fully half of the kids of all ages didn’t bother saying the requisite Halloween pass-phrase, and almost all of those tongue-tied brats neglected to express gratitude at all. Some kids didn’t even bother opening their bags up in front of me, opting instead to pull the bowl down and grab candy on their own while parents watched with tired apathy. One child (four years old) even went so far as to call me something that could be considered funny, if it didn’t demonstrate that she had absolutely no respect for anyone.

I even heard that some kids were tearing down decorations at the houses that were kind enough to show a little more Halloween spirit than their neighbours. That’s a shame.

It should no come as no small wonder, then, that I have named this current generation of children “Generation WTF”, because I certainly have no idea what the hell is going on with them or their parents.

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  1. Wow. That is awful! Next year, come on over here. We had tons of kids and they were all really great. We even had two sets of teenagers come around not asking for candy, but for canned goods for the local food bank.

    The parents even had great costumes, so for the first year I was not the weirdo that dressed up even though I was an adult. I was the one who needs to step up my game next year!

    Our decorations were safe and as two pre-teens stated, “Their decorations are sick!” I understand that this is a complement from the younger generation.

    Sorry for your year. I know how much you love Halloween.

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