Big Bike is Here!

Having recently celebrated my 34th birthday, I spent some time thinking about my future. It’s one year shorter in duration, which is just a reason to pack that much more into the rest!

For the past few years I’ve participated in the Heart and Stroke Big Bike Challenge. Essentially, I get on a bike with 29 of my coworkers (that’s right, a 30-person bike) and pedal around downtown Toronto.

I’ve always supported H&S. In recent times this organization is even more important to me, as a family member suffered a mild heart attack and is now a thousand times better than he was before the incident.

So if you want to sponsor me, you can utilize this new-fangled interwebs to do so by here.

A hearty thank you to those who have done so already!

5 Responses

  1. That’s a lot of people on one bike!

  2. Done, and good for you. that’s about 29 people too many for my biking comfort zone….

  3. CRIPES TO THE CRIPEST! Why do I miss every single birthday in the history of man? HUMPH. So sorry and now I will attempt to find a floral arrangement and/or singing cat to make it up to you.

  4. When I saw “big bike” I thought maybe Mrs. J took your training wheels off, but I see instead it means you’ll be rockin’ your way to help people with a heart. That is awesomeness!

  5. Done. Good for you!

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