Can Someone Shut Off the Black Hole?


Every time I think about blogging something I get distracted, or something happens, which causes the blog to remain listless, sad. It thinks that I have forgotten it.

So I’m doing what everyone else does in this situation, and writing this short blog post about how I am not writing a real blog post and how this is a good way to keep everyone updated.

Which is a great idea.

If anyone read this blog.

Actually I hate the idea.


6 Responses

  1. Geez… that is almost (but not quite) as sad as those blogs that just say “bump”.

    Or you could at least repost the links to Barkingtowne and see if you can regenerate interest Mr Mayor.

    Sheesh .. do we have to do all the thinking for you.

    Why just the other day I was … uh .. hunh .. what was I talking about? Sometimes these blogs cause my mind to wander and I lose my ….

  2. What are we discussing again? Richard K’s wandering thought made me lose my…

  3. Isn’t defensive navel-gazing the first rule in The Book of Blogs?

  4. Maybe we need a discussion on comparative literature.

    The “Book of Blogs” vs, say, The Necronomicon

    Compare and contrast?

  5. Blogarella feels your pain and knows that in previous blogging attempts whenever she felt uninspired, a good post about food usually made everything better 😉

  6. what the black hole?

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