When it Comes to Gaming, I’m All Thumbs!


Some of my friends and I like to play games. Whether they are on the PC, handheld, or console, we derive enjoyment from kicking back with a first person shooter, or a real-time strategy, or maybe even a racing game.

In the past, this would classify us as geeks, or nerds.

While those monikers may remain (these are sadly basic personality traits for my friends and I), there are far more everyday folk that engage in video-game activity.

One of the problems with this, is that once these people try out a game, and like it, they may not be able to make informed decisions about their next purchase.

Some of them don’t know what to look for and may fall into the trap of buying things on the recommendations of someone with a vested interest in that particular title.

Others make strange assumptions based on the game packaging and buy unwisely.

The end result is that money is unwisely spent.

Couple this horror with the fact that a lot of game sites are filled with ads (I mean, they have to make their money somehow, right?) and you have a recipe for gaming disaster.

Enter Toronto Thumbs, a site dedicated to the Canadian Gamer.

There are no ads to plague you, just honest reviews and editorials.

So check it out! Read some articles and put forward your opinion!

It can only make the site better!