Toronto Dollar Made No Cents For Me, Angus

No Sale

So the show has come and gone, and I sold nada. This is a little upsetting (as I sit here drinking a comfort Café Mocha). I was hoping to sell something to defray the costs of a show coming up.

I had this naive idea in my head that there were going to be a lot of wealthy people in fur coats and top hats walking around, twirling their canes and adjusting their monacles. I expected them to be pulling their gloves on and off in anticipation of outbidding their fellow richies…

Lord Melbourne: I say, old chap, [Pointing at one of my prints.] what is this you have drawn?
Jorge: It’s not a drawing, it’s a photograph. It’s a photograph of some tigers.
Lord Melbourne: Excellent. I will bid one thousand dollars on this item.
Lady Weslet: Oh no you don’t, my old friend! I will bid two thousand dollars!
Lord Melbourne: Jeeves! Oh, Jeeves!
Jeeves: [Runs up.] Yes, sir?
Lord Melbourne: Please fetch me my money, Jeeves. And perhaps fetch a chaise lounge for Lade Weslet to fall back upon after I outbid her.
Lady Weslet: Oh, you rotter. Fine, but I will outbid you on the next one.
Jeeves: Will there be anything else, sir?
Lord Melbourne: No, that is all. Now run along and fetch me my coin, good man. [Smacks Jeeves on the butt.]
Jeeves: [Sighs] Very good sir. [Runs off.]
Monopoly Man: Is it too late to bid on Park Place?

This is not really how it turned out.

Even though I didn’t sell anything to fabulously wealthy people, I met some really great artists and made some new friends. One of them is moving away, and she gave me her easel, which is awesome. A lot of my business cards were taken as well, so that’s pretty cool.

All in all, not such a bad time.

Here are some of the artists I met/befriended/pickpocketed. You can click on some of their names to see their work…

Tina Newlove – She was one of the first to arrive. I laughed because I had recently seen Napoleon Dynamite, and so I asked her if she did, and she said yes. I immediately saidTina, come get some ham! We laughed. She is awesome, and has some great work.

Liana Russwurm – No web page that I know of, but she is a great painter. If you hear of her being shown at a local gallery, you should go!

Jamie Bradbury – Another great painter without a web page. His stuff was really neat. He won an award last night for a huge painting he did.

Sherrie Wilkins – Sherrie was hilarious. We spent most of the evening cutting each other up. Her photos remind me of images my wife has taken. She also gave me the easel! We had each other’s back when the Angus burger was calling from across the street.

Mark Furman – Mark really helped me out last night. He had easels and a really cool idea to display his pictures. He let me hang some of my stuff on the structure he fabricated, and let me use his easels. I think a lot of people thought our stuff was shot by the same person, which is a great compliment. You can see his work at the Contact photo festival in May at the Relax Shack in the Junction (3026 Dundas St W – Toronto).

I will also be in Contact (just down the street from Mark, actually), displaying my work in Cornerstone Furniture (2886 Dundas Street W – Toronto). I’ll keep people posted regarding this upcoming show.


Can anyone tell me what the deal is with the Angus Burger at Harvey’s? They used to be huge! Now they are at least half the thickness, yet still the same price. Harvey’s position in my list of places to eat has fallen to a new low.

12 Responses

  1. I just love monacles!
    If I had one, I would have come to your show.
    I do have a fainting chair, but we use it more for passing out, or else blow jobs. So it’s not really teh same, is it?

  2. Wow, I haven’t heard the word rotter for a while. Nice! I should loan you my dictionary of Cork slang while we’re at it.

    Even though you didn’t sell any photographs, it sounds like you definitely got something out of the experience. Keep at it, you are really good at it.


  3. After reading your post, I dropped my monagle. That is the third one I’ve broken this week!

  4. Since I have most of your work in electronic format, I’ll skip the well deserved praise.
    You may not have sold anything, but it’s exposure.

    I was wondering why Lady Weslet turned into Lade Weslet….did she get pregnant after her first bid?

    Shellie, would you like Jorge to define monagle for us?

  5. Tien, LOL!!!

    Jorge – Since I have already pilfered several of your pictures, and have them proudly displayed on my cubicle wall, I guess it’s clear I am a fan of your work! Keep it up, these things will pan out. The exposure and contacts are valuable, too.

  6. Tien, man, you have to lay off the crack pipe. There is no ‘Lade Weslet’ in there. I know this for a fact because I changed it right after you posted your comment!


    I mean it was never ‘Lade Weslet’. You perv.

  7. I just checked out your website…you’re landscapes are amazing!!! They look phenomenal!

  8. It WAS Lade Weslet. I saw it, Jorgie! Freudian slip, man!

    Ok, on another note…check out the discussion on my post from Thurs night….Dominic & Terry have some differing opinions.

  9. Aw sugar…
    You know what? I’d buy one of your pictures! Of course… I am paying off a student loan… So the bidding would go something like this…
    Drea> 5 dollars! It’s worth a helluva alot more, but I can’t afford it!
    Monopoly man> Ugh, go to jail foolish girl!
    Drea> Sh*t it…I’ve got a get out jail free card and dude, I own Illinois Ave and you know darn well that everyone always lands on it…
    Monopoly man> Yes well, the painting is mine for 2000 dollars, US
    Drea>US? You’re buggered…
    Jorge>I’m sorry Mr. Monopoly guy…but I think I’d like Drea to have it all the same…
    Monopoly man>FOOLS
    Drea>Aw, Jorge…you rock… Here’s an extra ten bucks that I can’t afford…hugs… And I swear that as soon as I make it big…blah blah…

    Yep…none of that makes sense…but it’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m tired and trying to be funny…but it’s not working…
    Glad to hear that you met some wonderful people though, that’s always a bonus…no matter what the outcome of the show…
    Take care…and keep plugging away,
    p.s Beers with you and Ian? Excellent…when?

  10. jorge jorge jorge, that’s total shit, i can’t believe you didn’t sell anything, i’m hanging my head and mopeing for you. what a way to start your week, ugh.


  11. C’mon it’s Tuesday morning and I need a cup of Jorge blog to keep me awake enough to go to work… Where are you? (aren’t I just a pain in the arse?)…

  12. A bit late, but you can find Liana Russwurm at and with some other artwork on her brother’s site,

    Liana has her work on display at the Caesar Martini’s bistro in Waterloo, Ontario (no Web site for the restaurant, but Google for's+waterloo+ontario


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